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American Biometric Standards


In November 2001, the Executive Board of the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) established Technical Committee M1, Biometrics,  to ensure a high priority, focused, and comprehensive approach in the United States for the rapid development of national and international biometric standards. The M1 program of work includes biometric standards for data interchange formats, common file formats,best replica watches application program interfaces, profiles, and performance testing and reporting.


As an expert in biometric technology, I actively participate in various M1 Task Group meetings held approximately four times per year in various locations in the United States or Canada. My main contributions are within the Task Group M1.3 (Biometric Data Interchange Formats) which is chaired by Mr. Greg Cannon of CrossMatch Technologies.  M 1.3 focuses on the standardization of the content, meaning and representation of biometric data interchange formats for to the following modalities:

  • Finger Pattern Based Interchange Format

  • Finger Minutiae Format for Data Interchange,

  • Face Recognition Format for Data Interchange,

  • Iris Interchange Format,

  • Finger Image Based Interchange Format,

  • Signature/Sign Image Based Interchange Format, and

  • Hand Geometry Interchange Format

I am the editor for the following standards within M1.3:

  • Revised Finger Pattern Data Interchange Format Standard

  • Conformance Testing Methodology Standard, Part 3 橮ger Pattern Conformance Testing Methodology

By developing biometric standards, we hope to accelerate the deployment of significantly better, standards-based security solutions for purposes such as, homeland defense and the prevention of identity theft.


International Biometric Standards


I am one of the US representatives in the International Organization for Standards (ISO) Committee JTC 1/ SC 37 which is in charge of developing international standards in the field of biometrics. [to be completed]


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