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I have over 10 years of experince in industrial reaserch and development in the fields of digital signal processing, biometrics, sensor networks and optics. I also have extensive experince in the developmet of national and international standards.

Currently, I am the Principal Engineer at Sonavation, Inc. Sonavation is a recent spin-off of Crossmatch Technologies Inc. located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Sonavation has developed a new and very innovative fingerprint imaging sensor based on ultrasound technology. The technology, referred to as SonicTouch, combines ceramic Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology with advanced polymers into a very small composite package. SonicTouch is capable of high-resolution forensic quality fingerprint images at very low cost.

Sonavation was formed as Authorizer Technologies with only a few employees in July 2006. I joined the company during the second month of its inception. The company renamed itself to Sonavation, Inc in 2008; a name which is formed by combining the words "sound" and "innovation". Sonavation has since grown to more than 30 employees. It lunched its first product, the STS 3000 sensor,best replica watches in 2009. This sensor and its associated ASIC chip are shown in the picture above.

At Sonavation I have invented and developed numerous DSP algorithms related to the company's image processing and verification technologies. These innovations have been disclosed in six US and European patent applications (as of Decmber 2009). I also played a key role in aquiruing Sonavation's fingerprint extract and match engine by establisng a strategic partnership between Sonavation and Innovatrics, Inc. in Bratislave, Slovakia. 

        Composer Algorithm

Before joining Sonavation, I worked as a Senior Algorithm Developer at Bioscrypt, Inc., now part of L-1 Identity Solutions, in Ontario, Canada. I contributed to several key R&D projects at Bioscrypt including the Biometric Key Binding project and the Bioscrypt Core (TM) Optimization project.

Biometric Key Binding is an algorithm that binds a digital key with a fingerprint image. Joint sponsorship for the research performed on this algorithm from December 2003 to March 2005 was provided by Bioscrypt and the Government of Canada through its Industrial Research Partnership Program (IRAP). Details of this project are considered protected business information and are not available to the public.

The fingerprint verification engine called Bioscrypt Core is a pattern-based algorithm for comparing fingerprint images. It has been independently validated as the world's most accurate finger scan verification technology, coming in No. 1 at Fingerprint Verification Competition in 2002 and 2004. (You can see official competion results at FVC 2002 and FVC 2004 websites). I made several improvements to this algorithm to optimize it for maximum sensor inter-operability. This was a very challenging task from an algorithmic point of view as one must take into account platform requirements, security concerns, template size restrictions, search speed, and database size requirements. Bioscrypt Core has been deployed in thousands of Bioscrpt and L-1 fingerprint verifivation systems used for enterprice acess control all over the panerai replica world. 

Bioscrypt Fingerprint Modules



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